Sid Madge

A brand strategist with over 30 years’ experience, Sid Madge has channelled his expertise to found the Meee Programme – an initiative to help people understand and believe in themselves.

It all began in 2009 when Sid chose to relocate from London to a remote corner of North Wales. He set himself a challenge: to build his own branding agency, in the middle of nowhere, knowing no one. But it turned out that this was just the start of a bigger, even more exciting challenge.

While running a workshop at a local school, Sid asked pupils to pick one word to describe themselves. The results were a real eye opener. 15% used terms like ‘freak, ‘weirdo’ and ‘misfit’. In fact, so many people of all ages had a negative self-image that Sid felt compelled to take action and the Meee Programme was born.

Since May 2015 he’s been developing tools and delivering workshops to help people believe in themselves. Bringing together Sid’s in-depth branding expertise with knowledge from psychology, neuroscience, education, branding and sociology, the Meee Programme encourages everyone to recognise and believe in their abilities.

In March 2015, Sid was invited to Number 10 Downing Street to present the Meee Programme to Lord Young, who endorsed it as ‘a great initiative’. In three years Sid and the Meee team have delivered talks, workshops and classes to over 1,000 people, working with businesses, job centres, rehabilitation centres, prisons and educational establishments across the UK.

Sid’s next goal is to bring the benefits of the Meee Programme to everyone, everywhere. Covering Education, Employment and Enterprise, Meee has the power to transform the way people think about their life – and the role they can play.

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Meet Meee

Over the years, Sid has worked alongside a growing team of wonderful individuals, each of whom have given themselves tirelessly to the united vision of enriching people’s lives and equipping those they meet to be the very best versions of themselves.

Meet the team